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Family Blessing


I need wisdom for my family
My marriage needs help
I need help with my kids
I’m in inner turmoil

How can I be a Real Man?
How do I get through my Teen Years?
How can I be a Real Woman?
Show me what you’ve Got!

God has chosen to bless all the families of the earth.
That includes You and Your Family.
Yet many of us live as if family doesn’t work, or is even a curse!
At FAMILY HORIZONS we are committed to helping you turn your family into the blessing God intends it to be.
Do you want to be blessed? Do you want your family to be blessed? Would you like to see healing in your home? Would you like to see love between all the members of your family? Would you like to have burdens lifted out of your home and family? 
Only God can bring the blessing you need.
Here at Family Horizons we work with the Word of God and the People of God to BE A BLESSING and to help you be truly blessed.

Let’s do that RIGHT NOW by praying with you for your family.


“Lord God, I pray for the person reading this right now. And I pray for their family. I pray that you reach down and touch their life right now, bringing Your blessing into their personal life and the lives of their family members.

Lord, You know what they are going through. You know their pain and disappointments, their hopes and dreams and the potential that you have already built into their family. Pour out Your Love in their life and into their family. Heal those who are hurting. Comfort those who mourn. Bring hope and faith to those who have already given up. Breathe new life into hearts that see no hope.

Bring peace and joy, revelation and freedom into each member of this family. Rebuild what has been destroyed and set them on a path of blessing.

Let them be blessed and also become a blessing to all the families of the earth.

I ask this in Jesus’ powerful and precious name, Amen.”

We have prepared books and resources to help you and your family. Chris Field's first book in the Horizons series, Family Horizons’, casts a vision for what families can become. 
‘The Journey to Family Horizons’ is a study guide for personal or group use and is based on the book 'Family Horizons'.
Marriage Horizons’ brings an understanding of what marriage is really all about and what we can do to enjoy our marriage to the full, while Mending Marriages’ deals with problems in marriage and is an easy to read explanation of how to move ahead in a challenging marriage. Parenting Horizons’ takes a comprehensive look at the many issues of parenting and is written to help you mature in your role as parent.
‘Manhood Horizons’ reveals manhood as it was meant to be and is a landmark book for all who want to discover real manhood.
“Family Horizons’ is available as a paperback, and all five books are available as e-books. 

Check out our specials!


'There are a lot of things that exploded in my spirit last night (when you spoke). In fact I was so excited, that I was reading your book 'Family Horizons' until 2:00am this morning.'

Our FREE NEWSLETTER has fresh insights on many aspects of Family as well as personal testimonials that boost your success in all aspects of family life. 
Each month we bring fresh insights and input to your home, so be sure to subscribe today!

Perhaps some of our Free Resources may bless you. You can read articles on marriage, family, parenting and manhood straight from the website. You can also download some of our resources and save them to your computer.
Why not have a look at our collection of messages that will instruct and inspire you. Click here for our Free Audio and Video Downloads.
We also have a collection of Marriage Poems that may speak to you in some way, as well as Chris’ blog site that has a wealth of information and wisdom.

If your heart is stirred to family issues, concerned about marriages, morality, society, youth, homes, children and cultures, we welcome you. You are the very person we are looking for, so we can bless you, encourage you, resource you and pray with you, for a better future for our children and for entire nations.
We invite you to tour our site, get to know us, download our free resources, read our books, hear our messages and receive encouragement from God Himself.
We invite you to become part of the solution and a valuable member of your family, society and nation.
Please take the time to connect with us. We ask nothing but your heart commitment to bless families. There is more than enough to be done to engage us all, and we beg you to do your part. If we can help you we would love to do so.
Come back regularly, as we will add new resources as often as we can. Perhaps the very thing you need may be waiting for you the next time you visit.

May the Living Lord God of all eternity, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, bless you and your family.

                   Christopher G. Field

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