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Mending Marriages

Facing life after a broken marriage can be painful and lonely.  So it's important to know how to Mend Marriages and put lives and couples back together.  Susan and I have been doing that ever since we were married.

The secret is to find out what real marriage is.   It's much easier to mend something once you know what it's supposed to look like and how it's supposed to work.

I had a head start on that subject, because my parents' reaction to my plan to marry Susan was less than I expected - it was almost no reaction at all. That prompted me to dig into the Bible to find out what God said about marriage, so I could find out whether it was a good idea or not.

I gained a strong confidence that I could make marriage work.  Those insights also helped me see what others were doing wrong. As I shared my insights I realised I was truly blessed by what God showed me, even though it's plain to see in the Bible.

This Horizons ezine gives most of its attention to marriage - yet Family Horizons is also set up to help you with parenting, youth and other issues that impact family life.

70 Years of Marriage

Last week I had the sad task of burying my neighbour, Marion. She and her husband, Howard, were constant companions for 70 years.
I took this photo of the couple five years ago, before Marion became house-bound. For several years Howard has been her carer - helping her live out her 92 years in the home her dad built for them when they were wed.  Howard turns 100 in a few month's time and each night he would lift Marion in and out of bed about half a dozen times.

I asked Howard how their marriage held together so well for seven decades. His answer is that he and she were totally committed to their marriage. They made their choice and kept their vows. They never considered any alternative but living out their lives together.

Right now he is missing her terribly. The days are OK but the night's seem awfully lonely after 70 years of Marion's friendship. He tells me they never argued, which might say something about the values they were raised with, compared to the more demanding expectations of today's generation.

If you spare a thought for Howard, please keep him in prayer as he heads toward his 100th birthday, and celebrates it without the love of his life beside him.

Can Marriage Improve?

That's the question we are asking you. Have you found ways to make your marriage better? If so, we'd love you to share your insights with our readers.

That's why we set up a special FORUM as part of the blog site, www.ChrisFieldBlog.com.

At the forum you will find a section called "Relationship Safe Space" and in it you'll find an article titled "Can Marriage Improve?" Simply add your reply to that article and your thoughts will be there for others to read. You will have to register to leave a comment, so we can help keep the forum as a safe place for all who come.

Find the Forum at: www.ChrisFieldBlog.com/forum

My Daily Prayer for My Wife

I created a daily prayer which I pray for Susan, to bless her in spirit, soul and body. I share my prayer as I teach on marriage and so I have now made an audio copy and put it on the web so you can access it freely any time you want.

If you download the prayer you can put it on your computer and click it each day, at home, the office or where-ever. That way you can receive a daily blessing for your whole life.

I encourage husbands to use this prayer or make up their own that they can use to bless their wife each day. Wives, in turn, could also have a prayer they pray for hubby each day.

The link to my Daily Blessing Prayer is at the top of this newsletter, but here it is again as well.

Pastor Chris Field Daily Blessing Prayer

"I Kissed the Frog and he's still a FROG!"

Most women have high hopes for their husband and they have the ability to see past his faults in hope of his wonderful potential. Though he may be a 'frog' in the eyes of others he is their prince. They may believe that if they invest their life into their man, he will rise into wonderful new dimensions that will transform him and bless her in the process.

However, many of those women find that they can kiss the frog all day long and he will still be a frog! Funny as the metaphor is, the topic is not funny at all. It's all about broken dreams, unhappy feelings, despair and the like.

I have three articles that discuss the reality of people not turning out to be who we want them to be. They are linked to the heading "Un-Charming Prince". You can read these three articles on the Chris Field Blog site, but the easiest way to go directly to them is by clicking this link: Un-Charming Prince.

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New Forum

Chris Field Blog Site


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