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Family Books


Helping Families Succeed is a primary focus of Family Horizons.
Creating a vision for family ....
       providing resources for families ....
              guiding families into greater effectiveness ....
These are just some of the objectives of Family Horizons ministry.

To enable us to impact families we have two excellent books.
'FAMILY HORIZONS - Creating Families of Destiny'

Family Horizons book.'
'FAMILY HORIZONS - Creating Families of Destiny'
This is an amazing and definitive text presenting a compelling overview of Family as God meant it to be.
      Dr Chris Field distils in this one book a breathtaking scope of wisdom and insight into how family is meant to work and what we can do about it.
This book will remain a CLASSIC text for generations to come.
Buy ‘Family Horizons - Creating Families of Destiny’ paperback or e-book.

Chris uses the analogy of Horizons
to point out that each of us has ideas of what is possible and where we are going. The scope of our horizon gives a measure of where we might be able to go. The broader the horizon the greater the potential.
Families can function at three levels of vision - or horizon.

Natural Horizons. 
Natural horizons describe the concepts of family that are popular in our society. Most families do not progress beyond this point of vision.

Divine Horizons.
Divine horizons describe the concepts of family that God gives us in the Bible.  Chris provides a comprehensive exploration of the Divine Horizons, giving insight into God’s view of family.
The Divine Horizons explores four key truths:
     God Chose Family
     God Takes Family Seriously 
     God Works with Families ..... and
     God Put You in Your Family.

These chapters investigate such issues as the seriousness of our family connections, the impact of family blessings and curses and the impact of your domestic life in forming who you are.

Faith Horizons.
In the final section of his book, Chris turns our attention to what he calls Faith Horizons. He reveals that even for Christians there is great scope for wonderful family blessings, if we will only step out in faith.
Spiritual Parenting is also discussed, showing that many people, other than our biological parents have a “parenting” role in our lives.
His explanation of Standing in the Gap provides practical wisdom that will help rescue families, including his excellent “Steps to Release” which have been the mainstay of his personal ministry for nearly 30 years.
Keeping Family In Balance is the final chapter, to ensure that people don’t over-emphasize family. While family needs to be rediscovered it should not be idolized or given a priority that God does not give it. Chris wisely prompts us to keep family in balance, especially while we are trying to explore it in a new way of Destiny'.
                            Buy 'Family Horizons -Creating Families of Destiny' paperback or e-book

Journey To Family Horizons ebook. 'THE JOURNEY TO FAMILY HORIZONS’
The truths presented in ‘Family Horizons - Creating     Families of Destiny' are so important that Chris has prepared a comprehensive self-study and small group study book, investigating and applying each section of this important text. 'The Journey To Family Horizons' contains insightful questions, abundant prayers for you to pray and important applications of life-changing truth.
Use this book for yourself or as a study book with a group of friends.
 Buy ‘The Journey to Family Horizons’. [e-book]

For many years Chris has had the privilege of helping people encounter God and deal with issues in their life. His ability to create prayers that stimulate effective dialogue with God has long been greatly appreciated.
'The Journey To Family Horizons' not only escorts us through the truths and many important lessons presented in the book, 'Family Horizons - Creating Families of Destiny', but it also provides an abundance of personalized prayers to empower us to effectively pray through each issue.
While it is helpful to have read the 'Family Horizons' text, it is not necessary. Summarized information prepares the reader for each step of The Journey. Taking the time to prayerfully answer questions, think about the topics and pray through the issues is a powerful way to change your life and impact your family.
There are over 2 dozen Milestones (lessons) and so 'The Journey to Family Horizons' is meant to be a purposeful progress through these important truths.
'The Journey to Family Horizons' comes as an e-book, in pdf format, for you to read from your computer screen or print off as worksheets. You can make multiple copies for use in a family study or cell group. If you would like help in setting up a study contact us.

Here is a sample from one of the lessons in 'THE JOURNEY TO FAMILY HORIZONS'.
God’s purpose for your life may require that you learn lessons others do not need to learn. In some families children gain added maturity and care from having a disabled sibling or similar challenge in their home.

Looking at the particular challenges you confronted in your childhood what sort of preparation may God have been working in your life?
Suggested Prayer: “Lord God, I realise that You created me for Your purposes. I don’t know Your exact purpose in my life and so I cannot see how You have been preparing me. Forgive me that I have resisted and reacted to Your preparation work in my life. If I have frustrated Your plan, or even disqualified myself from Your purposes I ask You to forgive me. Help me learn the lessons I should have learned and become the person You wanted me to become so I can achieve the purposes You wanted me to accomplish. And Lord, help me be a good coach to my family members, enabling them to respond properly to the challenges You give them, so they will be godly seed and complete the purposes You have for each of their lives too. I ask this in the lovely name of Jesus. Amen.”

Now it’s time for some encouragement.
The Bible teaches that everything we encounter can work in with the other things happening in our life to create something good. That does not mean that everything which we encounter is good, but everything is able to be woven into a good process which brings a good outcome.
Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Suggested Prayer: “Lord, I find it hard to believe that evil things can produce good results. But I choose to trust Your Word and to believe You. I give You all the bad things that happened in my childhood and I ask You to work good out of those things. I love You and so I know You will produce a good outcome. May You be glorified in me, even through those things that I wish hadn’t happened. And may I give testimony to Your goodness as You turn the worst parts of my life into jewels for Your glory. I ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.”
Buy ‘The Journey to Family Horizons’. [e-book]

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