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To help you BLESS your family we have prepared several blessings which you can pray over your family members.
Understanding Marriage
Resist the seduction of worldly ideas and destructive temptations.
The Squirm Factor
Why does the hair on the back of so many people’s necks begin to prickle at the mention of ‘roles’ within a marriage?
“This Holy Estate” - Real Marriage
We live in a world where we think we have the power to dictate what marriage is. We’re wrong. We simply have the privilege of entering into it.

Poems on Marriage
Not a lot of ‘smultch’ here, but some good stuff to think about.

Parents, Try This Self-Evaluation
Stimulates thinking about child training issues that most parents have never given thought to.
Godly Seed and Introduced Seed
Apply the special Introduced Seed and you will be able to transform your Natural Seed into Godly Seed.
Young Man - ‘Have a Go!’
The brash confidence of youth emerges in each generation, creating young entrepreneurs who push the boundaries and set new standards for the rest of us.
Young Man, Arise!
A poem for Young Men by a Young Man. Jonathan uses rhythm and rhyme to urge the youth of today to become the men they are meant to be.
Woman of Faith
Discover the advantage women have in trusting God. Many women can do this more easily than their husbands and this article explains why.
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