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Marriage Poems


I realise that many of my Marriage Poems lack that certain romantic element many people are looking for. So this is an attempt to create something that is more readily consumable in the wider arena. However, I don't seem to be able to help myself. I find that I'm dipping into "reality" territory again. Oh well, maybe this kind of reality will be a little more acceptable than some of my more direct material.

Wedding Marriage“I DO”

I lift my voice and say, “I Do”-
And so I pledge myself to you.
And there you do the same to me.
How happy we are sure to be.

Yet in all this I can’t be sure
That my weak spots you’ll ignore.
When I let you down each day
Will that turn your heart away?

I am mud, and cannot be
What you deeply hope from me.
I know I’ll make you hurt and sad
My Mother says I drive her Mad!

So let me add another pledge
For us to make at wedding’s edge.
Let us promise in this place
To always walk in love and grace.

Let us not be rashly blind
As we tie the cords that bind
But let us choose upfront to give
The grace that always will forgive.

Let us choose to give the love
That we receive from God above.
A love that brings us through the pain
The storms, the hurts, the wind and rain.

So let us pledge our love that’s true
As we speak our clear, “I Do”.
Let us look to saving grace
And let us walk before God’s face.

“I Do”, “I Do”, “I truly Do”
Commit myself to loving you.
I choose to bless you every day
And find in God my strength and stay.

As you take me as your own
And journey into days unknown
Also take His grace along
So nothing now can spoil our song.

I love you Princess. Be my Bride.
Come and in God’s love abide.
Let us now as two agree
That God’s Grace will keep us free.

“I Do”.

© Chris Field. March 20, 2008


Many years they’ve known each other.
Many times they’ve said “Hello”.
Many friends, sister and brother
Have watched this friendship grow.

      Now they stand to face tomorrow,
      Chosen partners, side by side;
      He – her curly headed hero;
      She – his chosen princess bride.

          Joy has been the treasure
          Of this happy, smiling pair.
          And as Joy is shared full measure
          We lift them up in prayer.

              “Lord we ask You from Your throne above,
              By the power of Your Son,
              Bless these two who pledge their hearts in love,
              As You join them both as ‘one’.

© Chris Field. July 17, 1986

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