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Article: It’s MY Baby



Manhood Book

God chose that you would be born a MAN on planet earth. 
God put the right sperm with your mother’s egg to make you MALE. 
But facial hair does not make you a man. 
Many grown men are wimps or are compromised
and will never rise to true Manhood.
The earth desperately needs REAL MEN

That’s why Chris Field wrote his book, ‘MANHOOD HORIZONS’. We make a point of promoting real manhood at Family Horizons, because we know that men need “MEN-toring” (excuse the pun) into this vital role.

The first step, however, doesn’t come from a book. It comes from the males choosing to accept their calling to be MEN. REAL MEN. We challenge all males to accept God’s choice that they be male, and to step into the Manhood that God has made for them.

The Great Church Leader of 2,000 years ago, Paul the Apostle, described the process as “putting away childish things”. That’s not a matter of growth and age, but it’s a choice of the will. If you are a male we challenge you to pray this prayer and to step into the wonderful and challenging journey of becoming a REAL MAN.

Pray this simple prayer and start your Manhood journey right now! Read this prayer out loud, so you can hear yourself talking to God.

“Lord God,
You are the one who chose that I would be a male. You want me to become a REAL MAN. I choose to accept Your calling on my life. I choose to make the journey into my Manhood, so I can be what You want me to be. I choose to live for Your purposes and for Your glory, and not to be a big kid any more.
I ask for Your Wisdom and Grace to empower me to become a Real Man. Lead me and help me. I pray these things in the name of the greatest man who ever lived, Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

OK, you’ve started. You’re on your way! Now it’s time to do some serious learning and to work on the challenges which God send your way.

This is what you should do right now:
  • Then check out the other really helpful resources on this site by clicking your way around.
  • Let God lead you to things that He knows you need the most.
  • And come back often to see what else God has for you here at Family Horizons.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to contact us and send us your suggestions, so we know how to better meet your needs.
We have books to bless you on Family, Marriage, Parenting and Manhood that are available for purchase. 
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It’s MY Baby

Here’s an important realization that I worked through which proved helpful for me as a dad.

Susan and I raised five sons before adding two more children to our family. The gap between son number five and child number six was fourteen years. Our “baby of the family” was a teenager when our first daughter was born. Over two years later our seventh child (our sixth son) was born.

For several years looking after the new babies in the family was made easier by the input of our older sons. Those boys learned how to bath a baby, how to clean a baby’s dirty bottom, and so on. The workload was shared around seven people.

Gradually, however, the older sons become less available, as they married off, found employment and so on. The ready helpers evaporated and an increased workload fell to Susan and me.

That’s where my own maturity had to take yet another step forward.

I found myself feeling miffed that I didn’t have the help I had become accustomed to. I found myself irritated when my plans had to be adjusted to accommodate the demands of the young children. I seemed to think that someone else should be feeling the impact of these children and not me. I had important things to do, places to go, plays to pursue.

Then it hit me! I realized one day, as the baby needed attention and there was no-one else to delegate the job to, that “It’s MY baby!” That tender young life in need of care, attention, love and affection was in my home, on the planet, because of choices made by ME, not someone else. This baby was not someone else’s responsibility. My daughter and son were not someone else’s problem, nor someone else’s distraction. They are MY children, born to me as a direct consequence of my actions, according to my hopes and dreams. Even if they had not been wanted, and they certainly were wanted and planned for, I would still have to accept full and final responsibility for them.

Coming to that realization was a wonderful release for me. I stood to my feet and headed in the direction of the crying child, with new resolve and with new energy to meet the challenges. The tiny voice was calling for Me, from My child. I found it easy then to release my sons to move off into the things for which they had been raised and prepared. I released them from being the caregivers for my baby. I released them from having to be “on duty”, with their lives on hold.

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