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Marriage Poems


Have your heart and mind stirred by this selection of Marriage Poems. Poetry presents ideas in fresh light. Complex thoughts and issues are made friendly and interesting through the use of rhythm and rhyme. The poems in this selection are gems from the pen of Dr Chris Field, not only sharing his creative talents, but his insights as well.

I Do

A Fresh “I Love You”

Ode to a Wife

Pride Versus Humility

Moral Miracle of Marriage

The Garden Song

The Wedding

Two Streams Converge

When We Were Wed

These Marriage Poems speak of love, commitment and underlying issues which are part of the reality of married life. The styles differ and your response may also vary from one to another. We offer them for your enjoyment, but also to stimulate your thought and stir your heart to appreciate vital issues you are wise to consider.

May your own Marriage Journey be enriched by this selection of Marriage Poems and Verses.

The Poems in this collection are listed here by Title, to enable you to quickly click to your choice.


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