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April 08

Mending Marriages

70 Years of Marriage

Can Marriage Improve?

My Daily Prayer for my Wife

I Kissed the Frog and He’s still a FROG!

March 08

The LOVE of a Husband!


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Marriage Poems & Scriptures

February 08
Manhood - “Nailed in Place”.
Parenting - “Transform the Parent”

Marriage - Extra Baggage on Your Honeymoon
Youth Issues. “My Life is Mine!”
Why did you Choose Her to be my Mother
Family. Your Family Scorecard
Mums and Bubs. Are you Ready for Reality?

October 07
Family is Alive and Well.

Man on the Run!
Raising Fools.

September 07
Does Your Family Have Destiny?
Where Are All The Men?
Raising ‘Kids’, or ‘Statesmen’, or ‘Doctors’ ..... or What?


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