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When God created Family He gave Mums and Dads all they need
to raise children who are what God
wants them to be.
Successful parenting is not a lucky-dip or risky business, but something

All you need is God’s wisdom and grace at work in your life. God’s Wisdom directs you to know what to do.  God’s Grace gives you the strength and ability to do it.

Pray this simple prayer and ASK FOR GOD’S WISDOM AND GRACE right now! Read this prayer out loud, so you can hear yourself talking to God.

“Lord God,
I find it hard to believe that You can make me a successful parent. I do not know what to do and I don’t have the ability to do it right. So I ask for Your WISDOM to come into my heart and life.
I also ask for Your GRACE to be poured into my life and my family. Help me be a fantastic and successful parent, despite the mess I am in. I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

God heard your prayer. He is already answering you. The fact that you found this website means He is ready to give you some extra help. That’s what we are here for.

This is what you should do right now:

  • Then check out the other really helpful resources on this site by clicking your way around.
  • Let God lead you to things that He knows you need the most.
  • And come back often to see what else God has for you here at Family Horizons.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to contact us and send us your suggestions, so we know how to better meet your needs.

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“Godly Seed & Introduced Seed”

In my parenting seminars I teach on the significance of ‘godly seed’. I also teach about the Bible being an indestructible seed and an introduced seed. I now want to put those thoughts together as a lesson for parents and all who work with young lives.

The Old Testament prophet Malachi gives us a key insight into the parenting role. In Malachi 2:15 we are told that the reason God created marriage is because God is seeking ‘godly seed’. I have discussed this before and it is covered in my books, but to refresh the point let me simply note that a seed is something that reproduces after its own kind. A ‘godly seed’, then, will create a new godly seed, which will create a new godly seed, and so on. Parents are to raise ‘godly’ children, not ‘good’ children. (see my posting of 9 Feb - “Godly Seed with a Heart After God”)

What makes this prescription difficult for many parents is that they are not ‘godly’. They may be Christian, but not have the experience of being raised as ‘godly seed’ and so be at a loss to know how to raise ‘godly’ children. This is where the other ’seed’ comes into play.

The Bible is miraculous, divine seed, introduced to earth and enabling mortal beings to propagate eternal growth in their life. The Bible is an ‘indestructible seed’, so it produces a crop that is indestructible. What is born of God within us, by our faith in what the Bible teaches, is victorious, triumphant and glorious. This is the eternal seed which parents must apply to their natural seed, so the natural seed becomes godly seed.

Here is some practical application to this.

  • Seed needs to be planted and watered. Reading the Bible with your children and praying with them for God to give revelation and apply the Bible’s truth to your lives is a good start. Read, discuss and put your faith in what the Bible teaches.
  • Touch your child’s palate’ with the Word of God. Since godly things are not going to seem as ‘tasty’ to humans as sensual and even evil things, it is important to create a taste for divine truth in your children. Reading and discussing the Bible together is the right starting place. Praying to God about the issues raised by your Bible reading is also good.
  • Another way to prompt a taste for spiritual things in your child is to take them to a Bible believing church. Find a church where people enjoy a living faith, love God, love God’s word, have committed themselves to serving God - such as on the mission field, or are delighted to know and serve God. In this way, your children will get a taste for faith that is real.
If you don’t apply the special ‘introduced seed’ which God has brought to us from eternity, then you will not be able to transform your Natural Seed into Godly Seed. And remember, the reason God gave you the privilege of marriage is because He expects and is looking for ‘godly seed’.

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