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Parenting Evaluation


Parenting Books

Raising children is a perennial challenge.
This is a challenge Family Horizons keenly encourages parents to take up.
Without effective parenting each new generation struggles to find its way. 
Yet parenting is fraught with more challenges now than ever. 
Our book on training children called 'Parenting Horizons' helps parents meet that challenge.

Are you confident in your Parenting? What are you training your children for? What kind of seed are you?
Try Our ‘Parenting Evaluation’.

'ParentingHorizonsCover. PARENTING HORIZONS - Empowering Parents to Build Generations', is part of the 'Horizons' Series and is receiving rave reviews from readers.
Chris has done it again, with a comprehensive, Biblical and wonderfully practical book about raising children and all that it involves. Discover what the Bible has to say about various aspects of parenting that work together to create young people with destiny.
Use this book for yourself and to help others. It is jam-packed with content, touching on a multitude of issues and bringing insights from many parts of the Bible.
Chris has raised seven children and has taught on Child Training for over thirty years, around the globe. Not only does he have a clear idea of what to do, with a host of insightful descriptions and instructions, but he also has practical wisdom needed for applying the principles. He is an effective communicator, sharing his insights from the Bible in ways that are easy to grasp and apply.

The ‘Natural’ Horizons of Parenting

Following the effective approach used in 'Family Horizons' and 'Marriage Horizons', Chris starts his investigation of Parenting by looking at the Natural Horizons. While he wants all parents to be Godly and to raise their children for the Divine Horizons, Chris has taken the time to show parents how to excel in their role, even if they don’t want to be spiritual about their parenting role. Sound advice, such as, 'Have a Strong Marriage', is linked with other down-to-earth insights that build a parent’s confidence in their role and the influence they have over their children. However, that’s just to get you started.
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Parenting and ‘Divine’ Horizons

The second, and largest section of the book investigates the Divine Horizons of parenting. Chris gets into the issues most parents care about, including effective discipline of the child. Filled with Biblical insights, this section not only gives practical advice but broadens the view that most parents have.
      What is the balance between instruction and discipline?
      Why does physical punishment not work at times?
      What are the kinds of verbal rebukes and instructions that make a 
These and many other important questions are able to be answered from the Divine Horizons section
Biblical Truth About Parenting puts the parent’s role in perspective. It also clarifies what godly parents will aim to create in their child.
Keeping Parenting in Perspective is also important and Chris has several things to say about that, including that Children Do Not Supersede the MaParenting, children, parent, childrriage.
The Principal Parental Role is a section devoted to clarifying the parent’s responsibilities. Don’t let people put things on you that God doesn’t, but also be aware of what your role is and be sure to attend to it.
Once those foundations have been laid the tricky issue of Curbing Wrong Behaviour is investigated. Chris presents Seven Steps, many with comprehensive sub-sets to help you fully understand what is involved. There are Principles, Objectives and Dangers in the discipline process, as well as several things that need to be clearly defined. You will be greatly encouraged and your confidence will be reinforced once you grasp the wonderful overview Chris has distilled in these pages.
To make the discipline process even more workable Chris completes the Curbing Wrong Behaviour section with a Discipline Model. Here he provides eleven Foundations which need to be established in your heart and home to enable you to successfully discipline your child. Rather than being a daunting process, Chris makes it a clear, step by step process that enables parents to be consistent and effective.
Once you have grasped the elements, responsibilities and processes of training children, you will be blessed to read Chris’s insights into God as the Role Model. By presenting God as the Perfect Parent, Chris reinforces the Biblical teachings on parenting which he has already outlined in 'Parenting Horizons'.

I have just finished reading Parenting Horizons. Wow, sure do wish I had this book back when I was a young woman with two small children. But Praise God, I am now an old woman with three grandsons. I will reread your book often. I am already seeing the effectiveness of it with 2 year old Patrick.
I am reading through the Parenting Horizons book you forwarded and it is EXCELLENT!! May we use the material to derive a 30 minute teaching for several women's conferences in Namibia? Also, there is a group of Namibian mothers who are caring for orphans in addition to their own children who are crying out for parenting training. Your material is so completely God-centered and useful, I know that it would be very impactful even if we only have limited time on this first team.

Thank you for taking the time to write these series of books. Your book and words of encouragement on the Faith Horizons at the end has really touched me. God bless.

Thank you for what you are doing to empower parents to build generations!

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