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Product Code:  FHf001 (paperback). Family Horizons book.USE THIS
‘FAMILY HORIZONS - Creating Families of Destiny'
is an amazing and definitive text presenting a compelling overview of FAMILY as God meant it to be.
Dr Chris Field distils in one book a breath-taking breadth of wisdom and insight into how family is meant to work and what we can do about it.
This book will remain a CLASSIC text for generations to come. 
Paperback 232 pages.
Price: AUD$24.95 INCLUDING p&h to anywhere in the world. Our Payment processor is Paypal. They accept Credit Cards. You do not need to be a member of Paypal..


Product Code:  FHf002 (e-book).
‘FAMILY HORIZONS - Creating Families of Destiny'.

E-Book Version.  PDF download.  AUD $14.95


Product Code:  FHf003
Journey To Family Horizons cover reduced to 25%'THE JOURNEY TO FAMILY HORIZONS'
The truths presented in 'FAMILY HORIZONS - Creating Families of Destiny' are so important that Chris has prepared a comprehensive self-study and small group study book, investigating and applying each section of this important text. 'The Journey To Family Horizons' contains insightful questions, abundant prayers for you to pray and important applications of life-changing truth.
Use this book for yourself or as a study book with a group of friends.
E-Book. PDF download. AUD$14.95  Our Payment processor is Paypal. They accept Credit Cards. You do not need to be a member of Paypal.

Product Code: FHm001Marriage Horizons 30% reduced cover
'MARRIAGE HORIZONS - Creating Marriages That Work'.
This amazing book does for Marriage what ‘Family Horizons’ does for Family. Clearly written and yet impressive in its scope, this text makes marriage SO clear that anyone could understand. You will be empowered by these pages, not only to succeed in your own marriage, but also to gain wisdom that will help many others.
E-Book. 134 A4 pages. PDF download. AUD$14.95 

Product Code: FHm002
Mending Marriages cover reduced to 30%'MENDING MARRIAGES - Putting Lives and Relationships Back Together'.
This insightful text is for those dealing with damaged relationships, either their own or those they help.
In clear and helpful language Chris reveals the key ingredients needed to successfully restore a marriage and the individuals damaged by marriage failure. This book is for those who want to get straight answers and clear advice.
E-Book. 103 A4 pages. PDF download.  AUD$14.95. Our Payment processor is Paypal. They accept Credit Cards. You do not need to be a member of Paypal.

Product Code: FHp001Parenting Horizons cover reduced to 20%
'PARENTING HORIZONS - Empowering Parents to Build Generations'

Chris has done it again, with a comprehensive, Biblical and wonderfully practical book about raising children. Discover insights that no-one else has ever presented, showing how the various aspects of parenting work together to create young people with destiny.
Use this book for yourself and to help others. 
E-Book. 76 A4 pages. PDF download. AUD$14.95

Product Code: FHm001MANHOOD HORIZONS. Shop cover
‘MANHOOD HORIZONS - Be a Man’s Man in God’s World’.

Helping men be Real Men in any setting and generation.
Discover the clear truth about being a man. Discover the lost definition of manhood. Break the cycle of defeat and confusion. Take hold of who you are and where you are going, for the glory of God. Fulfill your destiny and become patriarch to a whole new dynasty of God-fearing people. Discover the power of your manhood – not power over women, but power with God.
Dr Chris Field clears the air, cuts through the confusion and provides clear guidelines for what a man is really called to be. 
E-Book. 68 A4 pages. PDF download. AUD$14.95

    SPECIAL 1.MarriageHorizonsMendingMarriages. Shop coverpics
    Product Code: Markit07
    Chris’s two excellent books on Marriage MARRIAGE HORIZONS – Creating Marriages That Work, and the companion book “MENDING MARRIAGES - Putting Lives and Relationships Back Together” are powerful tools for understanding marriage, building strong marriages and resolving the inevitable issues that crop up in marriage relationships.
    While each book stands alone and they both approach the subject of
    Marriage with a different emphasis and content, they work together to
    create a compelling and rare discovery of marriage and how it works
    The Marriage Kit offers you BOTH BOOKS WITH A 33% DISCOUNT!
    Because we are committed to helping marriages work, we want you to encourage you to have BOTH BOOKS, even if only one has captured your attention.
    Please accept this offer on the one condition - that you READ THEM BOTH!
    Oh, and we’d really like you to recommend them to others as well. Please don’t keep this wonderful material to yourself.
    When ordering, use the Product Code ‘Markit07’ and pay only AUD$19.95.  Our Payment processor is Paypal. They accept Credit Cards. You do not need to be a member of Paypal.

SPECIAL 2.Family Kit. Shop covers
Product Code: Famkit07

Here at Family Horizons we are committed to family. That’s
why we have five wonderful e-books already available. We
are confident that you will have found several titles
interesting, and the content information will show you how
incredibly insightful and valuable these books are.
So, to make sure you don’t just sit there wondering which
one to buy, we’re making it easy for you to BUY THE LOT!!!
That’s right, we want you to have them all.
So we have a special “buy the lot” price, of ONLY AUD$39.95. 
Now, I know people love a bargain, but please don’t buy these
books if you are not going to read them.
We are committed to family, not to writing books! If you don’t
read these books and use what they teach, then we have failed.
We make this special offer on the one condition, that you READ THEM ALL!
Yes, and we’d really like you to recommend them to others as well. Please don’t keep this amazing material to yourself.
Use the Product Code ‘Famkit07’, and pay only AUD$39.95 for ALL FIVE e-book
s. Our Payment processor is Paypal. They accept Credit Cards. You do not need to be a member of Paypal. 

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