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Marriage Poems


“A Fresh ‘I Love You’”

I have been amazed at the heart of men I have met who have been deeply hurt by their wife. Some have been betrayed, divorced or bitterly attacked. Yet these amazing men have stood by their marriage vows and been determined to want what is best for their wife.

The Garden Song sprang from my reflections about such men and their commitment.


Once I found a garden and chose to make it mine.
I built a hedge around it and sipped its secret wine.
I smelled its sweet aroma. I tasted rare delights,
Enjoyed its sunny summers and slept through blissful nights.

Then storm broke out upon us and robbed the light of day.
My garden sought another and turned her heart away.
My hedge she broke in anger. Her fruit she gave to man.
She kept her fragrance from me while she to others ran.

Discouraged, hurt and lonely I wept to call her mine.
I longed to be her comfort and give her of my wine.
In bitterness I struggled, resentment to defeat.
Then with the Lord to help me I staggered to my feet.

So now I see a place where once my garden grew.
The earth is hard from trampling and the blossoms small and few.
Then when I step to help her thistles block my way.
Yet I love my precious garden and so I kneel to pray.

I stand to guard her beauties from beast and careless one.
I build a hedge around her to shade from scorching sun.
I call the birds to nest there and fill each branch with song.
And I purpose to protect her and love her my life long.

And in those precious moments where pressed by pain or need
She calls upon my keeping I plant a loving seed.
So as the seasons test her and as the years unfold
I’ll yet receive a harvest, a garden of pure gold.

© Chris Field. June 17, 1997

Sometimes the only response we have to challenging situations is our words. Words speak of what is in our heart. Yet those who hear our words may dismiss the significance of what we say, without realising how deeply felt our words really are.
A FRESH “I LOVE YOU” addresses this disparity.


She raised her voice with cutting tone and mocked him yet again.
And he replied, “I love you”.

She spat her outrage in his face and dredged up all her pain.
He replied, “I love you”.

Squarely onto him she dumped all blame.
He swallowed and replied, “I love you”.

She catalogued his failure and his shame.
He said, “I love you”.

She conjured up catastrophes yet to break.
He told her yet, “I love you”.

She told him others better men would make.
His voice cracked as he said, “I love you”.

She taunted him with threats he knew were sure.
Shaken he said, “I love you”.

She stabbed by saying she loved another more.
He paused and said, “I love you”.

She swore to him she had betrayed his trust.
When he looked up he said, “I love you”.

She detailed how she’d given in to lust.
With tears he said, “I love you”.

“Must you keep repeating that old line?”

“Tis not old, but freshly used each time.
As every challenge tests my heart and hand,
I choose each time to take a fresh new stand.”
“Rejection, cursing, wound, things false or true,
Are hurdles that stand between us two.

And whether peace or pain is what you’re due,
Each time I recommit that I LOVE YOU.”

© Chris Field. November 19, 1999

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