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Marriage Poems


This was intended to be poetic, but became a versified discourse. It is included here not for its rhythm and rhyme but because of its presentation of important thoughts. Read and consider.


A couple stands at the altar.
They make their vows.
They are pronounced “Man and Wife”.
The Man kisses the Bride.
They are MARRIED!

So, What Happened??

    He found her and she found him.
    Maybe a friendship grew.
    In time they decided to marry.

        He committed himself to her.
        She committed herself to him.
        They had a ceremony.
        And now they are “Husband and Wife”.

            The Government registered their marriage.
            Now it’s all official.

So, What Happened????
The couple decided to get married.
And they did.

Is that all??
They did it right.
It’s legal and complete.

Is that all????
They had a lovely wedding ceremony.
And they had a great honeymoon.

Can you think of anything else that’s important to note?
This is a test – so grab a piece of paper.
Write down three things we’ve left out.

No. Don’t move on without writing three things down.
This is for your GOOD not your amusement.
So quickly note three things.

The common Western idea of Marriage involves two things - Relationship and Commitment.
We see marriage as built on relationship.
A failed relationship often means the end of the marriage.
We also see the need for commitment.
Unfaithfulness and loss of trust destroy marriages.
But there’s more to the picture than Relationship and Commitment.

OK. Let’s ask some questions.

Who does the marriage belong to?

Does the marriage belong to the Parents and Family?
A “family” wedding means distant relatives may come.
People who knew the family years ago are involved.
The parents celebrate this coming of age for their children.

Or does the marriage belong to the Couple?
It’s “their” day.
They should have it the way they want it.
Their friends and favourites are invited.
Others are ignored, so they don’t spoil their day.
They have it the way they want it.

Or does the marriage belong to the Government?
Governments make marriage official and legal.
Governments have rules about what they will allow.

Or does the marriage belong to the Church?
Churches have “owned” marriage for centuries.
Ministers can refuse to marry people.

What about the community which welcomes the new family?
What about the culture the couple represent?

So, who does the marriage belong to???
What’s your answer?
Parents / Couple / Government / Church / Community / Culture

Next Question.

Who invented marriage?

Did nature evolve us to need sexual procreation?
Did cave men create marriage?
Is marriage what we make of it?

Let’s look at the historical record.
The most reliable ancient historical account is the Bible.
The Bible explains that God created man and woman.
The Bible explains that God created marriage.

God’s definition of Marriage is:
A man will leave his parents and commit to his wife and they will become “one flesh”. Genesis 2:24

Note Four Things:
  • The couple become “one flesh”. The Man creates the marriage.
  • The Man must take responsibility.
  • The Man must commit to his wife.
  • The couple become “one flesh”.

What is “One Flesh”?

Some think it means “one person”. But clearly married couples are two different individuals.
They can have different spiritual focus, interests and thoughts.
Some think it means “sexual union”.
Jesus Christ revealed the meaning of “one flesh”.
Jesus quoted the ancient verse about “one flesh”.
He then spoke of marriage as “those who God has joined together”.
“One Flesh” means “Joined Together By God”.

New Testament writing speaks of this too.
It says that sex in marriage is pure. (the marriage bed is undefiled - Hebrews 13:4)
Sex is personal and moral.
Sex between two different people is immoral.

Sex is only moral and pure when it is between two people who are one person.
When a couple marry God makes the “one flesh”.
God joins them together as one physical reality.
So then their sexual intimacy is completely moral and pure.

If two people who are not “one flesh” engage in sex acts it is evil.
It is immorality, uncleanness and evil.
When a couple are married a Moral Miracle takes place.
God joins them into a single physical being – “one flesh”.
From that moment on their sexual intimacy is pure.

So what happens at marriage?
Who owns the marriage?

Marriage must be on God’s terms, since He owns it.

Who makes the marriage, the couple or God?

BUT, there’s a problem.
When God joins two people together He does it permanently.
The Moral Miracle provides a fantastic blessing.
Sex in marriage is completely pure and free to be enjoyed.
But the Moral Miracle is also binding and irrevocable.
The privileges come with the responsibility of life-long commitment.

Look at what Jesus said.
“Those who God has joined together are not to be separated by man” Mark 10:9
The same GLUE that joins a couple into “one flesh” also binds them for life.
That is why the marriage ceremony has warnings like this:
“Marriage is not to be entered into lightly, but advisedly, soberly and in the fear of God.”

Let’s revisit the Western idea of marriage -Relationship and Commitment.
If two men have a strong relationship and sexual interest…
And they make firm commitments to each other…
Does that match what God created in the beginning?
No. God will not give a Moral Miracle to same-sex marriages.

If two people are engaged and shortly to be wed aren’t they “as good as married”?
No. God has not performed the Moral Miracle.
The couple have deep relationship and firm commitment.
But they are missing the most important ingredient – God’s Part.
Relationship and Commitment do not make a marriage.
The Moral Miracle of God joining the couple as “one body” makes the marriage.

If an engaged couple are sexually intimate before their marriage, it is immorality.
But on their wedding night their intimacy is pure.
God makes that difference by a Moral Miracle that is out of man’s power.
So let’s go back to the start again.

  • A couple stands at the altar.
  • They make their vows.
  • They are pronounced “Man and Wife”.
  • The Man kisses the Bride.
  • They are MARRIED.
    So, What Happened????


The God of Creation gave the couple a new unity.
God “joined together” the two into “one flesh”.
They are now free to enjoy sexual privileges.
But they are now bound by that irrevocable union.

In time the relationship may break down.
There may be a loss of commitment.
IF the marriage was made by the couple, through relationship and commitment
Then the loss of those things would destroy the marriage.
BUT, marriage is not relationship and commitment.
Marriage is a Moral Miracle.
So, they can lose their relationship and their commitment…
But they cannot dismiss what makes them “one”.
They can’t unglue the GLUE.


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