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“Young Man Arise”


Our fourth child, Jonathan, enjoys life.  He fills any spare time with Bible study and memorisation, foreign language study and the occasional fiddling on the piano or cello. He also loves to camp out, go hiking, read, write and eat chocolate. 

It’s his love for chocolate that has him regularly hinting that I need to add ‘Vitamin Chocolate’ to my shopping list. (He calls it ‘Vitamin Chocolate’ so that he can pretend it’s good for him.)

It’s his love for Christ that has him, in his own words, ‘learning from wise men who've gone before, and encouraging those around him to rise to the fullness of their calling in Christ’.

And it’s his love for writing that has had him put pen to paper - or, more correctly, fingers to the keyboard - and record his reflections on a wide range of subjects.  You’ll find some of his writings on his blog, ‘The Verbose Philosopher’. Subjects include: Theology, Teenagers, Atheism, Biblical Law, Sovereignty of God, Meaning, Modesty, Purpose, Sexuality, and Manhood.

My husband and I recently arrived home after a week away. Jonathan was sitting in his usual spot at the dining room table, working. He’s a software developer and works from home. He’s also a socialite, so prefers to work with people around him rather than alone in the office, or in his bedroom.

After a bit of catching up on news from both sides, Jonathan began to tell me of an interview he read with a Dr Epstein, whose book, ‘The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen’ has recently been published.

Jonathan was inspired by the interview and wrote a poem called, ‘Young Man, Arise!’. Can I urge you to read it?  I think you might be inspired too. 

If you are interested in the article that got Jonathan’s creative juices going, here’s the link: The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen’

Young Man, Arise! Poem

“Young Man Arise”. © Jonathan Field Aug 2007

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